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Keyless Comfort Access for BMW BDC system keyless enter for BMW X1 BMW X2 F48 F49 F39

BMW Keyless Comfort Access-11

Click to buy: Keyless Comfort Access for B M W X3 X4 X5 X6

BMW 5, 6, 7, X3, X4, M5, M6, GT5 make sure whether the car has sunroof before buying




All BMW Models Available from 2007-2019

Model Year
1 series(Hatchback)F20/F21 2010-2019
1 series (Sedan)F52 2015-2019
2/M(Sedan) F22/F23/F87 2012-2019
2/GT (Hatchback)F45/F46 2013-2019
3/GT F30/F31/F34/F35/F80 2011-2018
4/GT/M F32/F33/F36/F82/F83 2013-2018
5/GT/M F07/F10F11F18/F90 2008-2017
New 5 series G30/G31/G38 2015-2019
6/M/GC F06/F12/F13 2010-2017
New 6GT G32 2016-2019
7 series F01/F02F/F03/F04 2007-2016
New 7 series G11/G12 2017-2019
X1/X2 F48/F49/F39 2014-2018
X3/X4 F25/F26 2009-2018
New X3 G01/G08 2017-2019
New X4 G02 2017-2019
X5/X6/M F15/F16/F85/86 2014-2018
I3/I8 i01/i12/i15 2013-2019
Mini F54/F55/F56/F57/F60 2015-2019

Product Features

  • Top safety concept design, same as latest NEW

  • BMW models released in 2019

  • Use original car key security agreement

  • Plug and Play, no break on cable

  • Easy installation, car owner can finish around 20 minutes

  • No need coding or programming

  • No any error code after installation

  • No need to change door handle

  • No need to change original key


Main Functions

*Door close and locked automatically
when car owner stops the engine, and leaves the car, once he/she brings the original key far away 2.5 meters from the car, the door will close and lock automatically, Then the original car horn will ‘ beem’once, and turning light will flash one time.(the beem times can be set) Then car enter Anti-theft mode

*Door unlock when car owner is approaching, NO need take out key
When the car owner approaching to the car within 1 meter with original car key, the keyless system will unlock the car door, the turning light will flash twice time means the car exist Anti-theft mode. If the car owner don’t open the door around 10 seconds, the car will turn into Anti-theft mode again.

*Trunk unlock automatically when car owner is approaching
When car owner approaches the trunk area, the trunk will be unlock even car is under Anti-theft mode. No need to take out original car key.

*Windows/sunroof close automatically
*Rearview mirror fold automatically
When door is lock automatically or car owner press lock button on original key, the 4 windows and sunroof will be closed automatically, rearview mirror will be fold. ( the original car must have electronic mirror control function)

*Life security and ventilation Auto Activated.
When the car is locked, and under Anti-theft mode, if the system detect any movement/action, the device will activated the car ventilation system, ensure there have enough fresh air coming into the car. Protect your child or pet if they were left in the car by accident.

*Activate the original car Anti-theft function automatically
When detects the car owner using BMW APP remote locking vehicle, the keyless device will activate the original car ultrasonic security system, make car turn into Anti-theft mode as well as LOCK the fuel tank cover. As we know, when use original BMW APP to remote locking vehicle, car itself won’t be turning into Anti-theft mode, and fuel tank cover is unable to lock. Our device makes up that security weakness.

*Reminding you when key is left in the car
When engine off, door and windows are closed, but there is no lock reminding sound, and the original car horn will ‘beem’ twice time, that’s remind the driver, the car key is left in the car.

* Door open reminding function(optional)
Any door is open, the keyless device will activate turning light flashing, to remind car/people behind.

*Alerting when reversing/parking(optional)
When car is reversing, the keyless device will activate turning light flashing, to remind car/people behind.

*Radar is activated automatically(optional)
When gear is at D, the keyless device will activate original car PDC radar system. To ensure the drive knows better on surround environment.

*Car searching function
When car is under Anti-theft mode, long press around 5 seconds of original car key, the vehicle will flash light, for you to locate the car much more easily

* Anti–interference technology
Nowadays, some thefts illegal entering car via electromagnetic interference when car owner lock the vehicle. Our keyless system has the latest Anti-interference technology which prevents all electromagnetic interference out from your loved car.

*Start/Shut down the maintenance function
When at some conditions, the car door need to be open/closed in short term, such as at car washing/ car repairing. Then the owner can set the car into maintenance status, the system will cease it for a while
How to enter maintenance status
Start engine-open the door from driver side, press unlock button at least 6 times within 10 seconds, the horn will ‘beem’ twice means car enter maintenance now
How to exist maintenance status
Press lock button at least 6 times within 10 seconds, the horn will ‘beem’ one time means car exist maintenance status.

*Alarming when door is abnormal(such as any door is not closed well)
*Reminding the driver if he leave but car engine is still on.

BMW Keyless Comfort Access-3


  • Plug and Play, no damage on original car system

  • Installation Video & Manual Available

  • Experience engineer and staff assistance

  • Video chat support on installation

  • Fast response via Whatsapp/wechat/skype/phone

  • Email English installation manual which be marked with each installation step clearly

Please contact us for full installation details.

Packing list

1 * keyless main box
1 * Front PKE
1 * Back PKE
1 * Converter cable


Which BMW model does the keyless smart box supports ?

Our keyless smart box supports all present BMW models from year 2007-2019 in the present market. Its have same function of the latest new BMW car models releasing in 2019.

I know nothing about installation, is it possible for me to install the keyless box by myself?
Yes, definitely you can install it by yourself! Plug and Play is one of feature of our keyless box. As a car owner, no need to worry about breaking any original car cable, programming etc. What you need to do is to remove pieces of panel, and connect the keyless box connector with original car connector. At last but not least, installation manual is available with clearly install instruction & images as well as video, what’s more, here we have experience engineer standby 24/7 for any of your questions including installation

Does the Keyless smart box will damage any original system from my car?
100% it will NOT damage any system from your car, even it will NOT affect any functions of your car too. As our keyless box is a device which working parallel together with your car system, they won’t influence each other.

What’s the warranty of your keyless Access Box?
We offer ONE year warranty on all our Keyless smart box. If its quality issue from our device, we would like refund or exchange new parts according to your choice. (can deal with it following the Aliexpress policy and processing procedure)


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Most important, we thank you very much our dear customers, both domestic and oversea ones, without you, there is no Kremersino exist. What we can offer is top quality part, best service, and our sincerely heart.

It’s not a slogan but our actions.

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    Keyless Comfort Access for BMW BDC system keyless enter for BMW X1 BMW X2 F48 F49 F39
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