And while the Waze team is now busy working on CarPlay dashboard support, the engineers in charge of the Android and Android Auto experience have managed to address another big annoyance in the app.

There’s a chance you noticed this too. Occasionally, when launching Waze and setting up the navigation, the direction of travel is no longer centered but slightly tilted, despite the car icon, either the default arrow a custom model enabled from settings, actually displayed correctly.

At first glance, this seems to signal a GPS calibration problem, and some say other apps are affected as well, including Google Maps. However, recalibrating the GPS sensor doesn’t seem to fix the whole thing on the Android devices affected by this glitch.

Interestingly enough, similar problems have also been reported on the iOS version of the app, and the Waze team is reportedly investigating the whole thing already.

But for Android and Android auto users, the good news is that the issue has already been resolved in the latest beta build, so theoretically it should go live in the next stable update for Waze in the Google Play Store. The changelog indeed explains that the update resolves a glitch that displays “the car icon always facing up [but] navigation is tilted,” so theoretically, problems like the one highlighted in this screenshot shared on reddit should no longer occur anymore.

At this point, there’s no ETA as to when the next stable update for Waze could go live, but given the beta has already been released to private testers, this shouldn’t take too long. In the meantime, Waze continues to work just fine, so this slightly tilted navigation is just an annoyance that doesn’t affect the app’s functionality.