The latest versions, however, have been plagued by one major issue that makes it pretty much useless on CarPlay.

More specifically, several users are complaining that Tidal no longer updates the information shown on the screen, and while it does start playing a second song, it eventually stops completely when it reaches the end of the track.

The whole thing happens regardless of the iPhone model, and the iPhone 11 Pro seems to be affected too, even when running iOS 13.7. The Tidal version doesn’t seem to make a difference, and users report the same behavior on version 2.14.1 too.

When I select an album or track from the tidal CarPlay interface, it will play the first song, and after it’s finished will get stuck at the end of the track. It will play the next song in the queue, but won’t advance to the song in the UI. After the second song, it stops playing altogether. This issue only happens when selecting music in the tidal CarPlay app, but if I select music from the phone instead, it plays without any issues,” someone explains on reddit.

No other music players seem to come with the same problems on CarPlay, so the likes of Spotify and Apple Music work correctly with no errors whatsoever.

At this point, there’s no other workaround than simply switching to the phone to listen to music. Needless to say, this isn’t very convenient since CarPlay should make the whole experience better while driving, but users complain that reaching out to Tidal support left them with no other option, as no fix has been offered.

For now, Tidal is yet to officially acknowledge the music playing problem on CarPlay.