In the meantime, however, the first customers have already received the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro they ordered, and naturally, it was only a matter of time until they came across the very first problems.

Unfortunately for drivers, CarPlay is one of the areas seemingly affected, as some discovered that connecting their iPhones to the head units in their cars no longer works properly.

While some complain of a glitch causing CarPlay to not even show up when the iPhone is plugged in, others claim the experience overall is broken down, as apps crash all of sudden, the screen turns black randomly, or the smartphone just disconnects every once in a while.

Most of these customers have one thing in common: they all owned another iPhone before the iPhone 12, so when they purchased the new model, they restored from a previously created backup.

If you still can’t figure out where this is going, it all comes down to the CarPlay settings which have been migrated from one device to another as part of the backup restoration process. Because of the authentication performed when a previously-paired iPhone is connected to a head unit in the car, CarPlay may no longer work properly, especially if the models we’re talking about have been released in the last few years and therefore come with more security systems in place.

So the workaround is as simple as it could be: you need to reset CarPlay settings and delete the synced profiles, both on the head unit and on the iPhone. In other words, just start from scratch with CarPlay in your vehicle. The good thing is that Apple has made the whole thing super-straightforward, so it doesn’t take more than one minute to complete the initial setup and start using CarPlay.