In other words, Apple says that this very latest update introduces improvements that should prevent the notorious tint from showing up, explaining that it was all caused by bad thermal management.

As it turns out, the bad thermal management is what’s happening right now on my iPhone, despite the fact that everything was running just fine before the update with no green tint whatsoever. Unfortunately, the whole thing has totally ruined the CarPlay experience for me, and here’s what’s happening.

Basically, connecting my iPhone 11 Pro to the head unit and running CarPlay works just like before, and it doesn’t take more than a couple of seconds for the dashboard to launch. Apps like Google Maps and Spotify also run correctly at first.

The problem is triggered usually after a few minutes when the iPhone gets extremely hot and CarPlay stops working, with the infamous temperature warning showing up on both the phone and the display in my car.

iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it,” this message reads.

The problem is that if the iPhone remains connected to the car, it never cools down, so CarPlay never resumes. The only fix that I discovered is to actually disconnect the iPhone, give it some time, and then reconnect it to CarPlay.

Every time, however, the whole thing happens again, so CarPlay ends up showing the temperature warning after a few minutes.

There’s not much I can do right now, as I tried nearly every workaround that you can turn to in the Apple world. Of course, a reboot doesn’t make any difference, as the temperature warning still comes back sooner or later.

Charging the iPhone and connecting it to the computer both seem to be working correctly, and the overheating only happens on CarPlay.

Right now, the only fix seems to be downgrading to iOS 13.6.