Today’s update brings Google Maps to version 5.53, and this time, the changelog actually includes some useful information to help us figure out what’s new in this fresh build.

On the other hand, some of the improvements that Google mentions here have been around for a little while, so I assume that they all reached general availability and everyone with an iPhone can use them today.

First and foremost, the new Google Maps version comes with Google Assistant “now available in many non-US countries.” The changelog doesn’t provide any specifics on the countries where the assistant is now live, but there’s a good chance that all major regions are covered.

Then, Google officially announces Google Maps for Apple Watch, a feature that actually launched last month with the previous update. Again, there’s a chance that now everybody can install Google Maps on their Apple Watch and get directions right on the wrist.

And last but not least, Google says it has improved the estimated arrival times to provide users with more accurate information on their iPhones.

Quickly get estimated arrival times and step-by-step directions to destinations you’ve saved, like Home or Work, and other shortcuts you’ve designated in the app,” Google says.

Needless to say, the new version of Google Maps is also good news for CarPlay users, especially thanks to the expanded Google Assistant support.

But on the other hand, CarPlay users have another reason to be excited about, as Apple has just released iOS 14 for their iPhones. This new version includes a massive CarPlay update that features wallpaper support, new app categories, and the possibility of using an iPhone as a car key on select models – for now, only BMW is using this feature.