CarPlay Tesla

Over the weekend, Polish developer Michał Gapiński shared a fascinating look at CarPlay running on his Tesla Model 3. The automaker doesn’t support CarPlay, so this workaround – with some major caveats – will certainly grab the attention of those who have been asking for the functionality for years.

Tesla writes its own software for its infotainment system and has refused to adopt Apple CarPlay. In fact, Teslas don’t even officially support Apple Music, although integration was spotted in testing back in December 2020.

CarPlay support coming to Teslas would be a dream come true for many owners and instead of waiting around, developer Michał Gapiński decided to figure out a workaround.

In a video along with some photos, Gapiński showed off CarPlay working on his 15-inch Model 3 screen on Twitter (via MacRumors > Tesla North). He says the steering wheel scroll wheel button is working to control Apple Music within the CarPlay workaround, however, there are some notable caveats.

The workaround is powered by a Raspberry Pi running a custom build of Android. That’s what makes it possible to load CarPlay into the Tesla in-car browser. It also seems that Gapiński has to use the mouse connected to his Raspberry Pi to navigate around CarPlay.

Next on Gapiński’s to-do list for this project is to improve the Wi-Fi connection. He also says he plans to share the workaround publicly “when it’s polished.” Last fall, we also saw a similar Android Auto workaround for Teslas via the in-car browser.

CarPlay IOS15.2

Almost one month after rolling out iOS 15.2 to the public, Apple has a new bug fix update for iPhone users today. The company is now rolling out iOS 15.2.1 to the general public. Apple says today’s update to iOS 15.2.1 includes fixes for CarPlay as well as sharing photos via Messages.

You can update your iPhone to iOS 15.2.1 by heading to the Settings app, choosing General, then choosing Software Update. The build number for today’s update is 19C63. It clocks in at around 960MB in size on the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The release notes for today’s update are below.

iOS 15.2.1 contains bug fixes for your iPhone including:

  • Messages may not load photos sent using an iCloud Link
  • Third-party CarPlay apps may not respond to input

Apple is also rolling out iPadOS 15.2.1 for iPad users with a fix for when Messages may not load photos sent using an iCloud Link.

Last month’s release of iOS 15.2 was a major update for iPhone users. The update included support for the Apple Music Voice Plan, App Privacy Report in Settings, new communication safety features in Messages, and more. Today’s update also comes as Apple continues to beta test iOS 15.3 with developers and public beta users.

CarPlay IOS15.1

This is because of a plethora of problems that turned CarPlay into a huge mess, as users had to struggle with all kinds of glitches from apps that crashed all of a sudden to their iPhones no longer being detected by head units.

The first updates released by the Cupertino-based tech giant did little to improve the experience, and given Apple’s locked ecosystem doesn’t allow for too many workarounds, users had no other option than to just wait for another patch.

And here it is, as iOS 15.1, which was released to the supported iPhones earlier this week, finally improves CarPlay and addresses the majority of complaints.

The early feedback shared online indicates that iOS 15.1 brings things back to normal in the CarPlay world, despite the changelog not including any mention of improvements specifically aimed at those who connect their iPhones to head units.

But as far we can tell, iOS 15.1 brings back the stability that made everybody, including Android Auto users, like CarPlay in the first place. App crashes no longer occur, and according to some of those who previously struggled with connectivity errors, these are gone as well.

Those who are still having a hard time using CarPlay after updating their iPhones to iOS 15.1 are recommended to just reset their smartphones and start from scratch. In some cases, simply resetting the CarPlay settings and removing the vehicle profile from settings does the trick too.

Just like the main version of iOS 15, this new update can be installed on iPhone 6s and newer. You can find the update under the General section in Settings, and if you haven’t downloaded it already, it looks like you can safely do the whole thing right now, especially if you’re hoping for an improved CarPlay experience.

Recently, Apple releases new software system IOS 15.0 Carplay, but there is a software bug at carplay function.

If carplay runs on phone with IOS15.0 system, as long as carplay plays music, no matter from which music APPs even apple music, the carplay will happen carplay logout, failed disconnect, connection, or unable to play music.
This is a IOS system bug on carplay, and there are 2 solutions.
1, Short term solution
At phone settings — General — Transfer or restore iPhone — Restore — restore all settings.
Pay attention what you need to do is restore all the settings, without affecting the data and software

2, Long term solution
Wait new IOS system from Apple


Note that in view of the instability of the new iPhone system, when using wireless CarPlay, be careful not to upgrade the mobile phone system to IOS15, otherwise there may be a lag problem when using CarPlay. This problem is a bug in the Apple system, and you need to wait for the official system. The problem can only be solved by repairing, so upgrade after the official system is stable

At present, it has been found that when using CarPlay in the Apple IOS14.2 system, there will be a problem that the OK button cannot be used. This is a problem with the official Apple system and we cannot fix it temporarily. So if your IPhone system is IOS14.2, please upgrade the system. Repairable, please do not upgrade to IOS15



While Apple hasn’t included any mention of CarPlay fixes in the official release notes of this new iPhone operating system update, I’m seeing several reports online that it does address some rather widespread glitches in the car, including a Siri bug preventing the assistant from reading a message.

For example, several users in this reddit thread complain that Siri stops reading a new text before reaching the end, though the assistant has also encountered other issues as well, with some claiming that the audio is interrupted even when running navigation apps.

In other words, Siri can no longer provide navigation directions because it stops before offering the full instructions, therefore affecting the overall experience on CarPlay.

And as it turns out, iOS 14.6 does resolve the Siri cutting out problem, with someone confirming in a post that the update brings things back to normal and the assistant correctly provides audio feedback whenever it’s required to.

Furthermore, I’m also seeing reports from some users that a crash previously encountered when running Apple Music is completely resolved now, though I’m still waiting for some confirmation on this one.

The bad news is that others are still experiencing CarPlay crashes, with one user explaining that the audio or the input freezes until the iPhone is manually reconnected. The whole thing showed up when installing iOS 14.5.1, but it still persists after this new operating system released by Apple this week.

As always, Apple hasn’t acknowledged these problems, so everybody’s hoping the new operating system updates released to their iPhones resolve them quietly. A new beta build of iOS is also available, though keep in mind these are specifically aimed at testers and shouldn’t be installed on production devices.


This weekend, for example, a bunch of BMW owners noticed that CarPlay no longer worked in their cars, and reaching out to the dealership got them a confirmation the system was indeed down.

To clarify, Apple CarPlay itself didn’t experience an outage. By design, CarPlay runs on the iPhone, so it can also be used without an Internet connection; n theory, as long as the smartphone is turned on and all connection requirements are met, there’s no reason for CarPlay not to run. So, according to this reddit thread, the issue happened on BMW’s side, with several dealerships allegedly confirming the connectivity problems in some cars.

Oddly enough, some of those who were unable to launch CarPlay in their BMWs connected to the customer portal page online to check the status of the service, only to be told they need to pay for the feature. Others were getting an active license notification, though CarPlay still wasn’t working.

I spoke with my sales rep at the dealership and verified issues are going on. Had me check the customer portal website which has the car and all the information/apps on it. It shows that I’m subscribed to CarPlay. He said for some people who lost the feature it shows that they have to pay for the app all of a sudden, and some like myself are still showing a valid subscription,” one BMW owner explains.

No workaround was found during the outage, but BMW is believed to have already resolved the glitch, so at the time of writing, CarPlay should, at least theoretically, run correctly in all BMW cars.

If it still doesn’t, your best option is to reach out to your dealership and check the customer portal to see if you’re also being told to pay for CarPlay.


You can now use Waze on CarPlay’s home screen instead of flipping between apps while driving

If you use Waze and ever needed to take your eyes off the road to control your music alongside your maps, a new update is starting to roll out that should let you spend more time driving and less time fiddling with that touchscreen. MacRumors is reporting that Waze has started rolling out Apple CarPlay Dashboard support, which will allow you to see directions on CarPlay’s home screen, alongside media controls, calendar events, and more. When I heard about it, I ran out to my car and sure enough, Waze’s directions showed up on the home screen.

The company started beta testing the feature late last month, but CarPlay Dashboard has been around for Apple Maps users since the launch of iOS 13 (though it’s only been open to third-party developers since iOS 13.4). The integration is a win for driving safety, as the golden rule for car UI is basically “look at and touch the screen as little as you possibly can.”

Before this update, if you wanted to change the song that was playing, you’d have to go to the Music app, press the next button, then make your way back to Waze. That could be anywhere from 3 to 6 taps on the screen, depending on if Waze was in the app launcher on the side. That’s a lot, especially if you’re going 70 miles an hour. Now, you can have both Waze, the next turn you need to take, and the music controls on the same screen, and changing the song will only take one tap.

In keeping with the safety theme, the update also includes lane guidance, a feature that lets you know in advance what lane you should be in for your next turn or freeway exit. This should help reduce those “I have to be four lanes over in a quarter mile” moments that trip me up on occasion. Happy (and safe) driving!


Microsoft on Tuesday announced a slew of changes to the calling features on its Microsoft Teams app, including support for CarPlay and transferring calls between devices.

The CarPlay integration will allow Microsoft Teams users to control Teams and use Siri voice commands to initiate or answer calls in their vehicles. According to Microsoft, the CarPlay support will join other features that will make Microsoft Teams a better replacement for a traditional work phone. That includes built-in spam protection, reverse number lookup, and the ability to merge existing calls.

Those features will also join an overhauled calling interface with quicker access to features like call history, voicemail, and contacts. Additionally, Microsoft is also adding new recording features to Teams that will make it easier to record meetings and share them to cloud-based storage platforms like OneDrive.

Microsoft Teams will also get support for transferring calls between different devices in early 2021. Users will be able to begin a call on their Mac and then transfer it to their iPhone while ending it on the initial device automatically.

A full list of the upcoming changes and new features for Microsoft Teams is available here. Beyond the “early 2021” release date for select features, it isn’t clear when the overhaul will begin rolling out.