Borrowed from Google Maps and supposed to help drivers figure out which lane to use for their next turn, this new feature debuted on iPhone and Android earlier this year, but until recently, it wasn’t available on CarPlay.

Now it turns out that the rollout has been completed and everyone now sees lane information on CarPlay after updating Waze to the most recent version.

To be clear, the rollout of lane guidance on CarPlay started earlier this fall, and I for one have been seeing it for at least several weeks. On the other hand, the rollout apparently happened in stages and some users didn’t get the new feature.

It’s pretty clear that the experience with Waze is getting more polished on CarPlay, but while the addition of lane guidance is big news for Apple users, there’s one feature that’s still missing, and right now, it’s still nowhere to be seen even in the beta program.

It’s the CarPlay dashboard support, a feature that would allow Waze to replace Apple Maps and Google Maps on the multi-view screen, essentially allowing users to run the app side by side with other cards that display music information and calendar appointments.

Support for third-party apps in the maps card debuted in April this year when Apple finally decided to allow other apps to replace Apple Maps, but surprisingly, neither Google nor Waze has been in a rush to take advantage of this new feature.

Google eventually updated Google Maps with such functionality earlier this year, but on the other hand, Waze still needs more time to make it happen, though at one point it’s been rumored that support for the CarPlay dashboard was on the table with a late 2020 ETA.