CarPlay will come with support for over 100 additional languages, which means that users would thus be provided with a localized typing experience when they’re in the car.

Why is this a super-useful update? It’s because beginning with iOS 14, you should technically be able to type in your own language on the CarPlay screen, obviously when parked. This means CarPlay will allow users to type businesses names, addresses, and pretty much anything else in their native language with local characters too.

Apple hasn’t provided a detailed list of the new languages that will be supported in CarPlay, but additional information in this regard is projected to be shared by the time the iOS 14 update gets the go-ahead.

The next iPhone software update will bring plenty of improvements for CarPlay users, including support for wallpapers, something that was previously available on jailbroken devices exclusively. Apple will include a series of pre-defined wallpapers in iOS 14, and right now, it looks like users won’t be allowed to use their own backgrounds as CarPlay wallpapers.

Additionally, CarPlay will also support a series of new apps, some of which would be aimed at electric cars.

At this point, iOS 14 is still in beta stage, so if you want to try it out ahead of the public launch, you can just download the preview builds offered by Apple. However, keep in mind that these beta versions aren’t supposed to be used on production devices, as they often come with bugs and stability issues.

As for the ETA of the stable version of iOS 14, the official launch is expected in the second half of September. The iPhone 6s and newer models will all support the new iOS 14.