While Apple hasn’t included any mention of CarPlay fixes in the official release notes of this new iPhone operating system update, I’m seeing several reports online that it does address some rather widespread glitches in the car, including a Siri bug preventing the assistant from reading a message.

For example, several users in this reddit thread complain that Siri stops reading a new text before reaching the end, though the assistant has also encountered other issues as well, with some claiming that the audio is interrupted even when running navigation apps.

In other words, Siri can no longer provide navigation directions because it stops before offering the full instructions, therefore affecting the overall experience on CarPlay.

And as it turns out, iOS 14.6 does resolve the Siri cutting out problem, with someone confirming in a post that the update brings things back to normal and the assistant correctly provides audio feedback whenever it’s required to.

Furthermore, I’m also seeing reports from some users that a crash previously encountered when running Apple Music is completely resolved now, though I’m still waiting for some confirmation on this one.

The bad news is that others are still experiencing CarPlay crashes, with one user explaining that the audio or the input freezes until the iPhone is manually reconnected. The whole thing showed up when installing iOS 14.5.1, but it still persists after this new operating system released by Apple this week.

As always, Apple hasn’t acknowledged these problems, so everybody’s hoping the new operating system updates released to their iPhones resolve them quietly. A new beta build of iOS is also available, though keep in mind these are specifically aimed at testers and shouldn’t be installed on production devices.