iPhone 6s and later models are all getting the update to iOS 14.

As far as CarPlay users are concerned, this new release brings three major improvements, and we’re going to detail them one at a time.

First and foremost, it’s support for the iPhone to be used as a car key. BMW is the first to adopt this new feature, and Apple allows iPhone owners to unlock and start their cars with the press of a button.

The car key is stored in the wallet, so you can launch it in the same way you make a payment with Apple Pay. On the iPhone 11, you can just double-press the lock button to launch the wallet. Unlocking the car door is as easy as bringing the iPhone close to it, while to start the engine, you just need to place your smartphone on a reader or wireless charger.

The best of all is that this whole experience is also available on the Apple Watch running watchOS 7.

When setting up a new car key, users can configure full access to unlock, lock, start, and drive the car, or enable restricted driving, which allows them to set up certain limitations. Car keys can also be shared between contacts using iMessage.

The second important addition in this software update is support for Apple CarPlay wallpapers. Beginning with this update, users can just head over to settings and pick a background for the CarPlay UI on their head units. At this point, Apple does not allow users to set their own photos as custom wallpapers, so we just have to choose from a pre-defined list of images.

And the third CarPlay highlight in iOS 14 is the support for new app types. Beginning with this release, CarPlay can run a wider variety of apps, such as for parking or electric vehicle charging. What’s more, Apple also allows food ordering apps to run on CarPlay, as long as they’re optimized for a driving experience and do not cause any distraction.

All features are available for CarPlay users regardless of the iPhone model they own.