But in addition to all these improvements that Apple announced earlier this year at WWDC, CarPlay will also include a series of other smaller refinements that many people might actually miss.

One of them is the privacy indicator that shows up when an app uses the microphone or the camera, with color dots displayed in the CarPlay UI right under the clock.

And by the looks of things, there’s more coming to users with the upcoming iOS 14. Apple has silently updated the music playback UI to display larger album covers regardless of the screen resolution of your head unit.

I noticed this in the very first beta of iOS 14, but now more testers confirm that this is indeed the case. More specifically, some CarPlay users previously received the same UI in iOS 13 if their head units supported this layout. On lower-resolution displays, the playback UI just displayed a smaller album cover, with the playing controls eating up more space on the screen.

It looks like the upcoming iOS 14 makes the same experience available for everybody, technically showing large album covers on the right side of the screen, while everything else is grouped on the left. This is something that makes much more sense, and at the same time, it allows drivers to see the album cover much easier, thus removing the distraction when driving.

iOS 14 is projected to launch in September for the iPhone 6s and newer models. A beta build is already available for those who want to test everything in advance, but keep in mind that running pre-release software isn’t recommended on production devices given the likelihood of bugs and other performance issues.